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Public welfare idea

America is the most developed country in the world. In the United States, to participate in the public interest for college students, is a habit. The Eaton group adhering to the "enthusiastic about the public interest, back to the community," the mission and vision, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility to support social welfare.Since its inception, the group will actively respond to global Charity Day activities, and will be to build a long-term culture and public service activities of the group.

"Ice bucket challenge" All Star Charity

The science and technology, entertainment, sports celebrities accepted by the ALS (against amyotrophic lateral cable sclerosis) Association launched a "bucket challenge (ice bucket challenge). This is the ALS Association, and raise money for charity in the social media launched a charity activities require participants to release yourself to be poured ice water over the body of the video on the Internet and the participants can ask other people to participate in this activity. Activities are provided by the person who is invited to accept the challenge within 24 hours, or choose to fight muscular atrophy side of the side of the disease to donate $100. Raise public awareness of ALS and promote ALS research, to some extent, more important than donations. "In the long run, the public's attention may be more valuable. This is where the 'ice bucket challenge' meaning."


"Way home" activities to help public welfare 

American and China local volunteers to participate in the "home" community activities. This event will be used to raise donations for homeless people to build houses, improve the living.


Care for migratory birds

"Let the birds fly! Let the birds go! Care for migratory birds! You and me!" A by Chinese and American College Students jointly held the "focus on the protection of migratory birds, the guardian of the green home environmental charity campaign at the seashore swimming site staged colorful, students with singing and dancing, games, interactive question and answer in a variety of ways to publicize the importance of protecting our migratory birds to the public, called on everyone to enhance the consciousness of protecting wild animals, protect ecological environment in Zhuhai.


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